Tips and Tricks that are Hard to Beet

Freezing for the Future

  • Pour olive oil (or any other oil option) into ice cube trays, sprinkle in herbs. Freeze so you can use them in later recipes!

  • Squeeze the juice of citrus fruit into ice cube trays and freeze to save the juice for later!

Reviving Wilted Greens, Vegetables, and other Foods

  • Trim away any parts not requiring rehydration

  • Leave wilting greens in cold tap water in your fridge until they appear crisp once more (approximately 15-30 minutes)

  • If you’re not going to use them immediately, dry them and store in plastic bags with paper towel or dry towels to absorb any leftover water (this prevents the growth of bacteria)

  • To revive day-old muffins: lightly sprinkle with tap water, store in paper bag and place in oven for 5 to 10 minutes. The resulting steam will re-moisten your muffin!

Preventing Vegetables and Fruits from Browning

  • When cutting an avocado, do so with a non-metal knife (i.e. plastic) and do not remove the pit from the unused portion

  • Keep a slice of lemon in a bag of cut fruit (like apples) to prevent browning

  • Wrap the top area where bananas bunch in tin foil

Bonus Uses of Citrus Peel

  • Add the peel to a bag of sugar and store in refrigerator to prevent the sugar from hardening.
  • Instead of throwing the peel into the garbage, throw it into the disposal! Your kitchen will smell fresh for hours.

How to Order Your Fridge to Prevent Decomposition

Without Humidity-Controlled Drawers

  • Keep vegetables in the bags provided by the grocery store or vendor, place them on the top shelf

  • The crisper drawer then can be used to hold dried fruits, nuts and flour

With Humidity-Controlled Drawers